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Life in a modern section is far more controlled by fashion. Many people think that fashion is a big business. It affects not only clothing as well as every aspect of daily life from the kind of house where we live. Fashion rests an important role in our daily lives. It relates to designs of clothes, hair styles, accessories like jewelry etc. That is gives shaping our personality. For example if any person attending an interview appear for higher chance of getting the job, and he or she is well dressed according to fashion so that person will be selected. Nowadays youngsters are attracting to trendy things, they watch movie in cinema and follow their favorite artist style. Especially kids are doing this and they are forgotten their traditional culture. It is a non-verbal activity that provides us to express our identity and value in front of public. Women are very conscious about their look and dressing sense. They are always wanted to look perfect and beautiful in society. So that’s why I think if we are thinking or imagine about fashion or a particular girls dress then automatically our mind comes out women. Ladies are wearing different dresses for any function as well as normal lives also. If one lady or girl goes to any function or reception parties then she have lots of choices as compare to men I think. She can wear Punjabi Embroidery Suit, Anarkali Suit, Designer Palazzo Suit, Designer Pajaami Suit, Designer Gown, and Designer Lehenga and last but not least can present Stylish Stunning Saris also. So today here we are examine mainly about Saari.

The saree is one of the beautiful oldest and may be the only surviving unstitched garment from the previous time. It has covered not only become affective and glamorous every time wear for ladies. It is also known as sari saree. It consists of wrap varying from 4.5 meters to 8 meters. It is arranged around the waist and one end draped over the shoulder reveal the Venter. There are numbers of countries in all over the world and every country has different culture and clothing style is not matched with others. So that’s why women wear saree in dissimilar look to another’s. Generally women like to wear sari with Nivi Style, it is basically emerged in Andhra Pardesh. Now we can say that saris are worn in disparate styles and diversion caste of people in region of India. Ladies in the region of north side their sari from back so that she can walk comfortable. Their sari is longer than normal saree. Other women which are living in middle of India their pallav in front side and covering the top. Traditional women cover their head with pallav according to culture and customs. Fisher ladies in south Indian wear tie up top and shorter saris. They wear their pallav on the back of side and cover their shoulder. This is the most favorable style of sari in India. Ladies or women wear sarees with multiple ways and give different styles. Sarees are many varieties ladies can wear for a regular days or can some wear for official purpose like plain, synthetic, printed and designer Indian sarees. Women can also wear for any occasion motive like: Heavy Embroidery with stone work, Lace work, Net hand Embroidery and some Zari work. Blouses and fall are very important part of Saree it gives a perfect stylish look to women. There are some selected modern designers sarees given below.

  • Kanjeevaram
  • Dhaka
  • Paithani
  • Sambalpuri
  • Pattu
  • Assam Silk
  • Banarasi
  • Chanderi
  • Taant
  • Banaras Brocade
  • Kota Jali
  • Kantha

Kanjeevaram: – This is a type of south Indian sarees that is not only famous in India as well as all over the world Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram sarees on worked with gold dipped silver thread with silk fabric. Most demanding colour in this category is peacock and parrot. Base of this pateren will be silk. This is the specialty sari of south Indian ladies.


Dhaka: – These type of sarre are basically form by Dhaka. One of the most beautiful is made in Bangladesh in cotton stuff. But nowadays these sarees are created in Indian women also.

Paithani: – As a name cleared Paithan sari are formed by Aurangabad Maharashtra State. That is one of the richest states in India. Women specially can wear these types of saris on any parties’ purpose. It includes under mainly 3 types of threads Charkha, Ciddle-Gatta and china Silk.

Sambalpuri: – In Orrisa there is one small place which is known as Sambalpuri. In that place gave birth with unique style and embroidery on silk fabric.  It is also comes in list of heavy designer sarees.

Pattu: – These kinds of saris looks so simple and sobar. No need to expain more because andy women or girl can wear easily this sareen on regular basis in light color.

Assam Silk: – This is the best silk saree which is produced in the country. Ladies loved to wear silk sarees and Assam silk saree are completely fulfill their need. These kinds of sarees can also wear on functional purpose.

Banarasi: – I think there is a not even single Indian woman who doesn’t wear Banarasi Saree after marriage or you can say that before marriage. As we know very well Banarasi saree most famous and common wear saree in all states.  There brocade, style, embroidery and all that are attractive. Chanderi saree, taant saree, Banaras Brocade, Kota Jali, Kantha Saree are also very demanding and women can be wearing these all in parties.

Moreover, many types of saris women can purchase in market as well through online store also. There are numbers of shopping website in internet which are very helpful for ladies, because they can buy any dress on these sites. Most of the women nowadays watch new stylish clothes on very popular site. In this site ladies can get saris as well as other dress on reasonable price with very good quality. You just need to open or visit on this link and can easily place their order any time with help of internet and device. If anyone wants to make any dress like lehenga, saris, Punjabi suit on own choice or requirements then she can get that on any fabric or in any color combination.

Now I would like to conclude my topic in saris ladies or girls look prettier than other dress. It’s very graceful clothing style. Not even women can wear this as well as young girls also wear saris in any occasion or official purpose also.

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