Multiple Benefits of Medical Marijuana in Maryland

It becomes harder to deny the many benefits of medical cannabis. Ask any person who has used medical marijuana for pain management in relation to a life-altering condition, such as cancer, AIDS, Glaucoma or Multiple Sclerosis. They will be able to tell you how it has changed their lives. It is amazing how natural herbs can be used to manage pain and side effects. The little white pills are not as effective as any of the chemically enhanced pharmaceutical options. Side effects are one example. Many prescription drugs come with a lengthy rider listing possible side effects that could occur with regular use. Long-term use of prescription drugs can cause liver damage. This is a contrast to marijuana, which has been shown to cause almost no permanent harm over long-term use. Many patients opt to not smoke. Baking goods, butters and oils are some of the best ways to take marijuana.

Marijuana Cannabis

Medical marijuana is not only beneficial for those with debilitating conditions. It can also ease pain from arthritis, chronic pain, nausea, and other conditions prescribed by Bryce Smetzer. Women have reported great success with marijuana for treating menstrual cramps. Menopausal women also report great success using marijuana to combat hot flashes and mood swings. There are currently studies that show medical marijuana may have a positive impact on anxiety and depression.

The chiropractic philosophy is in line with medical marijuana. Your body and nature have the power to heal. Heavy chronic marijuana users can enrol in a program to treat their dependence on marijuana. However, there is a difference between dependence and true addiction to marijuana. It is possible. About 15% of people report feeling nervous and having some sleep disturbances. However, you do not feel the effects of narcotic withdrawal like nausea, vomiting and sweating.

Animal studies that looked at high-dose marijuana administration showed that no matter how much is administered; the animals do not self-medicate the drug. Narcotics are an entirely different story. This is the main point. While marijuana can cause psychological dependence, it does not cause physical or physiologic dependence. Both can be caused by Narcotics. Even if the patient is able overcome their psychological dependence, the fact that side effects can be severe may prevent them from stopping cold turkey or even being able stop altogether.

Medical marijuana can also have a psychoactive effect that reduces anxiety and improves mood. This is in contrast to opiates which may cause a decrease of pain, but may also have a depressive side effect. This is why many patients suffering from chronic pain need to be prescribed anti-depressant medications in addition to opiates.  That is the main benefit of marijuana: it is an herb that has been grown from the earth. It does not undergo any chemical processing or refinement. It does not contain any unpronounceable substances that can manipulate your symptoms. The potential uses of marijuana are limitless.