The Dos of make-up use with contact lenses 

Many women use colored contact lenses as they will change their eye color. A simple eye color lens makes you more pretty and attractive than ever before. But if you do any mistake with the lens while doing makeup then it can be very dangerous for your eyes and lenses as well. To buy the best quality of colored lenses you must have to visit our site. You can easily buy contact lens online singapore with just one click. You will get all the lenses listed on the site along with the description and the price of the lens as well.

These are few dos of make-up use with contact lenses:

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  • Always apply cosmetics after inserting the contact lenses in your eyes. Make sure you have to buy contact lens online singapore and of the best quality.
  • When you apply eye make-up you must have to take care of the lens because a single mistake can break your lens.
  • Always apply eye make-up on the outer lid margin only and leave the inside.
  • Always remove your lens first and then proceed to remove the make-up.
  • You must have to use oil-free hypo-allergic remover to remove your daily make-up.
  • If you get any makeup on your lens by mistake then you must have to clean it immediately.
  • Give preference to the eye make-up which is oil and fragrance-free so that it will not affect your eyes and the lens as well.
  • If you use mascara then make sure it will be waterproof and non-oily. It will prevent flaking and excessive smudging.

Every woman must have to follow all the above points while doing make-up after wearing contact lenses. If you want to know more about our contact lenses or have any kind of query then you must have to visit our site or use our customer support service.