aquatic plants

A glance at the aquarium world

The most familiar form of aquarium plants is here-

Plants that can be used in the aquarium are very much in demand. It is mainly due to its enhancing natural form of beauty and ability to consume the level of toxic nitrogen form of compounds which are produced by the waste of fish. In such situations aquarium plants are for the rescue. All that is required is to know about the different categories of plants that can be used in the aquarium.

  • Marimo moss ball- this is one of the easiest forms of the plant of the aquarium. this is usually velvety green which is neither plant nor moss but it is naturally the form of algae. Whenever water is changed it is required to maintain its shape and allow it access to light.
  • Amazon sword- this is very much familiar for its ability to grow in the normal fish tank which is luscious greenery. It usually has around big leaves which are normally grown outside the water. When they are placed in water the large leaves will melt back as that of the reabsorbs plants.
  • Cryptocoryne wendtii is considered one of the most liked plants as it doesn’t need much liquid fertilizers or injection of carbon dioxide. Its growth is very slow it comes in many forms like green, tropical, and even red ones. To enhance the leaf’s redness, it is essential to provide an extra supplement of iron that is required by the aquarium water.

These are some of the bird-eye views about the different types of plants that can be used in an aquarium.